About ICSFS Conference

The International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces (ICSFS) has taken place since 1978, gathering an increasing number of scientists from all over the world.
The 16th edition, which will take place in Genoa (Italy) from July 1st to July 6th 2012, follows the previous meetings held in Tokyo (1978), Washington (1981), Sydney (1984), Hamamatsu (1987), Providence (1989), Paris (1992), Hsinchu (1994), Osaka (1996), Copenhagen (1998), Princeton (2000), Marseille (2002), Hamamatsu (2004), Bariloche (2006), Dublin (2008) and Beijng (2010).

ICSFS-16 will focus on recent advances in controlling and characterizing the physical and chemical properties of films and surfaces, with a particular emphasis on materials for electronic, photonic and spintronic applications, in addition to bio-functionalized structures and devices
ICSFS is strongly interdisciplinary, covering also nano and nano-bio science and technology, wherever surfaces are involved in the future devices.

The venue is an old monastery, situated on the hill where the first Genoa's inhabitants settled in pre-Roman times, and its gardens and terraces offer the most beautiful views on the city and the port.